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June 8, 2006
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Name: Vampire

Description: The vampire looks human when it is not fighting or feeding.  Since they are created from all races of human, they can look like anything.  The traditional vampire is able to unsheathe special teeth for feeding and have a demonic look when enraged or hungry, but some vampires of mixed blood do not feed at all. There are many myths about the vampire, not all of them true.  They can eat and enjoy normal food, even garlic, and most enjoy swimming.  They are not fond of big pieces of sharpened wood, but then most people aren’t. They behave humanly by keeping the demon part of them under control until they want to use it.

Miscellaneous: Porphyric, very beautiful under normal circumstances, wonderful singers, dislike moonlight.  Kin of the lamia, ghouls, and sirens.

Senses: Vampires have twice the visual range of a human with perfect eyesight, and have night vision that allows them to see in total darkness.  Their hearing is so acute that they can hear how many people at a noisy party have beating hearts.  They can smell blood up to two miles away.

Head: Varies according to race, but the pure vampire has two slots each side of their canines where their feeding teeth are.  Their eyes also turn green when the demon has been fully unleashed.

Torso: The same as any human, though the men tend to be rather muscular and the women large-breasted.

Limbs: The arms and legs of a vampire are often slightly longer than those of the average human

Hands/feet: The vampire generally grows their nails long, and these become claws when they unleash the demon.

Digits: Having 7 fingers on each hand is generally considered a sign that someone will become a vampire.  In some cultures, babies are killed to avoid this fate.

Social: Vampires prefer to be surrounded by antiquities and their kin.  They are quick to anger and like the best of everything.  They make loyal friends and tempestuous lovers.

Children: Vampirlings are usually stillborn, it is very common for a vampire who lives a hundred years to spawn 20 children and have 4 of them live.  They look like normal children until their fangs start to grow when they are five.

Sleeping habits: Being allergic to sunlight, vampires choose to sleep during the day.  They are generally very tired just after feeding, and insomnia is one of the signs that they need to feed.  They can go for up to six months without sleep, though start to show signs of insanity if sleeplessness continues for longer.

Hunting habits: Vampires will usually corner an unarmed, weak opponent, though they will sometimes choose someone challenging when in a rural setting.  They hunt alone or with a small group of trusted friends and family.  It is the mothers who teach vampirlings to hunt.

Overall strengths: Very strong, fast, great stamina, extremely hard to kill

Overall weaknesses: Allergic to sunlight, weak against wood, fire, items of faith (when the bearer believes in them)
Thanks to :iconrogin: for the idea. Now I won't have vampires who can only tate blood and stuff in my book. For those who it wasn't clear to before: this is entirely the product of my brain, and I used just a smidgen of this info in a story that I wrote. More of it might come out in a shortie I'm currently writing.

My novel featuring a vampire who is first 'evil' and then 'good' when she's reborn is now an ebook.




It's also available as a very big paperback @ [link]
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Kisstina666 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
I thought vampires dislike sunlight, not moonlight
marielyn-chan Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really good info, it's hard now a days to decipher want is fact or fake.
MissLucysLeeches Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is...very well written...and I will not insult it...though I kind of want to get into a creative debate with you about vampires and what's real and what fake...alas I will not...unless you want to debate. Debating is FUN!!
GoldenFirePhoenix Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
its funny how some people comment saying they are vampires. im only saying what i think here because this site doesnt ask for personal information like names or anything. you just have to come up with a cool nickname..... so what i mean is... guys... believe me you all. no one that says he/she is a vampire in public is really a vampire. none of those gothic people who tatoo themselves with demonic things and put fake fangs on their mouths and dress only on reds, blacks and grays are vampires. daisy burrows you have a great imagination and you can write anything you want, dont let other people tell you you're wrong cause the ones that scream to the world they know the most are the ones who know the least. good luck with your books, you're a very talented writer
DemonSheyd500025 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Head: Varies according to race, but the pure vampire has two slots each side of their canines where their feeding teeth are. Their eyes also turn green when the demon has been fully unleashed."


I like mobians. And he's a wolf. :3
vampirelaw Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
The sad thing is i realy think that is real
zooloo12345 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
Tamlee3 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
Hey just had a good read i like it so far keep up the good work :-)
Tamlee3 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
So is this ANOTHER myth????? Because i have a somewhat belief that vampires do exist, they are basically humans living in a different style of life.........
So where do you base this knowledge on if you don't mind me asking????
Redropp Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Most of this is true but some is false holly items don't really effect them, nether dose the sun and vampires or at least most of them can't really have kids other wise spot on for a product of imagination.
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